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Normal Material in Cardboard Display

In this blog post, you'll read: a brief talk about buyer group in cardboard display area.In this blog post, you'll read the classify of cardboard display and application of materials.

In this article, we’d like to introduce some different types of display with different materials for you.

1.Floor Display

Like this kind of display, which can put on floor directly, and normally height is about an adult’s height.

For this kind display’s material, always use corrugated flute B with different gram of art paper. Depends on your products’ weight on each shelf, sometimes need iron pipe to support below.

Normally each shelf can support 2kg, depends on the length of course, if too long, we will suggest add support under each shelf.

2.Counter Display

Counter display, as the name implies, little display which can put on a counter or a desk. Mainly to show on a counter. Depends on your products’ needs, useful for little package products.

For counter display’s material, normally use corrugated flute E with different gram of art paper. Depends on different products with different weight, we will adjust the material sometimes.

3.Heap Header Display

Heap header display always take large area then other kind of display, here, we take a round shape image for example, there also have square plate. Depends on customer’s requests or design. Depends on weight, we will suggest use corrugated flute B or corrugated flute B with flute E, double fluted. And then cover art paper with lamination on.

4.Dump Bin

Maybe this is typical undersell display. Actually, any kind of structure depends on your design and requests. Usually, dump bin use corrugated flute B with art paper. Sometimes the header you can choose KT board (looks like foam, but much harder), KT board also will much expensive than corrugated paper.


Nearly no need assemble, like above image, it can stand like an advertisement cardboard, but no function of carry on products. Normally LAMA’s material is 400g artpaper with lamination.

If you have details requests, just let us know, we will make it base on your needs as all of our displays are customized. If you have no idea about this, you can provide your products’ weight, size and your idea structure of display, we can help you manage.

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