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About Attractive Display

Why Us

We spend many time in material management, we can offer best price under the premise of ensuring the quality.

In case provide best service and make our customer fell communicate fluently for saving your time. Our team is a young, active and effective team.

Attractive Display is the chosen supplier of many designer company and famous brand around the world. 

All of our products are environmental friendly. Choose us choose to protect the environment.

Product advantages

The biggest advantage of our display is that they are beautiful and cost-effective.

We are in the wholesale business, because the value of the goods is low, and the order quantity is usually small, so it is easy for customers to make purchase decisions after seeing the products on the website.

Platform advantages

We have been launching the B2B platform before, but the effect has declined seriously in recent years, so we need to do a website to do marketing and sell goods.

Although the price of our competitors’ products is very low, but the quality is very poor, overseas procurement is tired of this kind of low-quality products.

Purchase Step

First Purchase

If you have no idea about the size of a display, 

Firstly, you can choose your idea structure of a display (base on many different image cases).

Secondly, measure your product’s diameter and height or length*width*height.

Thirdly, measure one product’s weight.

Lastly, let me know these data of your one product and how many products you want to set in one shelf. We can help you calculate a proper size of display.

Regular Purchase

For professional purchasing. 

My friend, just provide your drawing with a proper size and structure of a display for us.

And then, we quote for you

Thirdly, if you need, we can provide a die cut for your artwork.

After receive your artwork file back, you can plan for a sample now.

Lastly is for sample confirmed and set orders